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'The Magyar' is a recreation of one of the most famous table tennis bats in the world, originally produced by one of table tennis's first brands.

To accurately recreate this blade we have had an original blades material and handle species identified using the latest technologies in wood analysis. The shape has been accurately reproduced using computer aided design software with particular attention being paid to the handle position. Every blade is then assembled by hand and hand finished.

Following exhaustive testing with ATP Sport's range of hard bat table tennis rubber 'the Magyar' has exceptional rigidity for speed, unique flexibility for control, huge 'sweet spot' making the blade somewhat forgiving for the user and just as important it has that much loved authentic 'click' when hitting the ball.

'the Magyar' lives up to its original marketing as being:

'one of the most famous in the world'
'they are craftsman built'
'have superb balance and control'

Each blade is supplied with its own uniquely numbered owner's card.
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