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'the master craftsman' is a recreation of a blade specially hand crafted for a player described by many of his peers as 'the master craftsman'.

To accurately recreate this blade we have had an original blades material and handle species identified using the latest technologies in wood analysis. The shape has been accurately reproduced using computer aided design software with particular attention being paid to the handle position. Every blade is then assembled by hand and hand finished.

ATP Sport extensively tested 'the master craftsman' for YLT Table Tennis concluding:

'The blade is as fast as a stiff 5-ply Hock or similar blade but owing to its unique flexibility it has the control of a 3-ply Hock. 'the master craftsman' has a huge 'sweet spot' owing to the handle being purposely positioned low down on the blade enabling the pimpled rubber to cover the entire surface of the blade. This gives the blade enormous control advantages over conventional blades'.

Each blade is supplied with its own uniquely numbered owner's card.
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